Online Counseling in Colorado

Online Therapy in Colorado: A Key for Every Door

When John Denver wrote the song “Rocky Mountain High,” he was referring to the peace he felt whenever he was in the Centennial State. It’s not hard to imagine what he saw in Colorado. From its snowy peaks to its desert canyons and plains, Colorado has a beauty all its own. Denver’s lyrics include the line, “You might say he found a key for every door.” Through online therapy in Colorado, you may find your keys to healing.

You may not always have the answers you need on hand, and sometimes the healing can’t be done independently. There may be times when the doors you need open are locked, and you don’t know how to get the keys. Online psychotherapy in Colorado can help you open those doors and get you on the road to healing. Psychotherapy provides you with an objective, professional, and supportive care from a healthcare professional. At Men’s Therapy Online, we offer you the confidential online therapy you’ve been searching for.

Online Counseling Provides Privacy

Online psychotherapy enables clients to meet with a therapist without having to see each other in person. In many instances, clients may be unable to travel to see a therapist or leave their home. Many clients may even prefer to see therapists through a video call, rather than in an office. Whatever the reason, meeting with a therapist online is an excellent alternative. An online therapist is no more or less effective than an in-person therapist. What makes therapy effective is the professional bond you form with them through therapeutic conversations, regardless if a client sees a therapist in person or not. We provide online counseling in Colorado and in several other states.

If you’re wondering what online psychotherapy in Colorado is like, it’s just like a video call. You have the freedom to choose when and where you would like to have the session, keeping in mind your comfort and privacy. Clients who prefer online therapy enjoy the convenience and freedom of an online session. A few clients find a therapist’s office too confined and restrictive, and online treatment provides them with the freedom to choose the area that they are most comfortable in, whether it be their kitchen, living room, or in on a forest hike. You can also rest assured that online psychotherapy is private and meets all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) guidelines.

Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Colorado

Men’s Therapy Online offers cognitive behavioral therapy, also known as CBT. Through CBT, clients can learn behavioral changes and learn to reframe their thought patterns. For example, our culture places expectations on men to be stoic and unemotional. The only “sanctioned” emotion may be anger.  This can lead to negative behavioral patterns in which men react to frustrating situations in anger, rather than responsibly expressing their true feelings. Expecting men to never feel sadness or love is not only unfair, it’s detrimental to the mental health of all men.

Childhood experiences and distressing events in our earlier years can also create negative thought patterns. By learning to recognize these patterns through CBT, we can identify and change them before they cause significant problems in our lives. Achieving changed habits through CBT can be a challenge, but with determination, encouragement, and practice, healing will eventually occur.

Online EMDR in Colorado

An effective therapeutic intervention, Eye Movement Desensitization, and Reprocessing (EMDR) is available through online psychotherapy in Colorado. EMDR assists in the emotional healing of traumatic life experiences. Through EMDR, clients can reach positive outcomes much faster than traditional methods like CBT and psychotherapy. 

Extremely traumatic events, like sexual abuse, extreme violence, or repetitive psychological distress, can impact emotional growth and healing. These emotional injuries cause mental blocks, which prevent someone from getting better. In challenging cases, years of psychotherapy can chip away at these mental blocks little by little. EMDR, on the other hand, can remove these mental blocks much quicker.

When a physical wound needs healing, the removal of debris from inside the wound is essential. If rocks and dirt remain in the injury, they can block the body from healing adequately. Debris may leave scarring, or cause an infection. Just like a physical wound, EMDR cleans away the mental blocks and allows healing to take place. 

EMDR is recognized by the American Psychological Association and the World Health Organization as an effective and evidence-based method of treating trauma. The Department of Defense utilizes EMDR as a way to treat soldiers who have a diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, with positive results.  Though used primarily to treat people with severe psychological trauma, EMDR is also an effective treatment for clients who have low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety.

Get Started with Men's Online Therapy in Colorado

Each client has a story to tell and a reason for inquiring about psychotherapy. Whatever your story is, I’d like to hear it. Please contact me for a free 20-minute consultation.

 During our consultation for online counseling in Colorado, you and I will discuss what your needs are. This time will be your opportunity to ask questions about psychotherapy and evaluate what it would be like to have me as your therapist.

 It’s essential for a client to feel comfortable sharing with their therapist. Why? Because a therapeutic rapport between a client and a therapist is vital to a positive outcome. You’ll be sharing your most confidential thoughts with a therapist, and you should choose someone you feel would be a good fit. The professional therapeutic relationship between a therapist and a client provides the avenue through which a client can heal. Having a therapist, you trust and enjoy working with makes all the difference in psychotherapy.

You and I will also evaluate if I have the skillset to meet the kind of treatment you may need. The brief initial consultation will be over a video call, and at the closing of the video call, we can discuss whether we can work together for your benefit.

Inquiring about a consultation is a huge milestone. It’s the first step to opening those doors and finding the keys to healing. I commend you for your courage and hope to hear from you soon.