Online Therapy

One way to build resilience is through self-care. Especially during tough times, self-care is vital to keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe. Think of self-care as the oxygen mask on an airplane. If you are traveling on the airplane with a dependent or a loved one, it’s best to put on the emergency oxygen mask on yourself first, before the people you love. If people are depending on you, then you have to be well enough to assist them. Otherwise, they are left to their own devices. Developing resiliency not only helps you, but the people around you.

Online Therapy for Self-Care

Mental healthcare helps an individual, and their loved ones, develop resiliency. And it has perhaps never been a more important option than it is today. Given the unprecedented stress that many people are encountering, it is vital to not put ongoing therapy on hold during this uncertain season. Additionally, many people may find that, given the unusually intense stress of this time, they can benefit greatly from accessing and starting online therapy.  Although in-person sessions may not be feasible at this time due to social distancing and travel restrictions, online therapy can be a great alternative.

How does Online therapy work?

Online therapy allows an individual to meet with a therapist who may be far away. The session can occur through video, text, phone audio, or a mix of methods. Some therapists may leave the choice of the media used up to the client. Online therapy is convenient and accessible, especially while coronavirus remains a threat.

Is Online Therapy Private and Confidential?

Privacy is always maintained in a 1:1 session of online therapy. Online therapists must follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, also known as HIPAA. They must also follow any state-level rules and regulations regarding health records and personal privacy. The software being used by the therapist is HIPAA compliant to protect your personal information.

Man on laptop accessing Online Therapy

Online therapy also provides social support and contact, particularly if you live alone or are in self-isolation. Online therapy can also provide an objective perspective at a time when you might be having difficulty being able to see a different point of view, due to isolation. Having someone to talk to and process thoughts with can go a long way in helping to build resiliency.

Is Online Therapy Effective?

Online therapy is just as effective as in-person sessions. What’s important about therapy isn’t the physical presence of the therapist. It is the therapeutic rapport, interaction, and feedback that drives therapy. All those aspects can be achieved through online therapy. As strange as it may feel at first, online therapy is easy to adapt to.

Though there may be a lot to worry about at this time and many events are being canceled, don’t let therapy by one of them. Therapy provides hope and resilience, both of which will guide us through.


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